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Englischsprachige Original-AGB (Stand 2023)

Minimum attendance: one week. Courses are sold by the week, not by the day. Nonetheless, upon request a student who has completed at least one week can attend one or more extra days (if authorized by the DOS) at the price of 45€/day.

Hours of lessons taught per week (per day):

Standard course: 15 hours (3 hours/day) for four up to nine students 12 hours (3 hrs Mon to Thu) for three students 9 hours (2h15 Mon to Thu) for two students 6 hours (1h30 Mon to Thu) for one student.

Standard Plus course: the above plus 5 hours per week for two up to eight students (1h15 Monday to Thursday); the above plus 4 hours (1h Monday to Thursday) for only one student. Classes are arranged by the DOS based on each student’s language skills as demonstrated in the placement test and during class interaction.

Private tuition: 1on1 lessons 45€/60 minutes.

Closing days for national holidays: Easter Monday, April 25, May 1, June 2, August 15. At least 50% tuition time is recuperated within the same week.

Refund terms when canceling:
- up to 15 days before course start (a Sunday) the school keeps the 70€ reg. fee + 50€ booking fee;
- between 14 and 8 days the school keeps 50% of the total due for registration and tuition fees + booking fee and price of one night.
- 7 days or less before course start, you must pay 100% of the tuition fees + booking fee and price of one night and will not be entitled to discounts, even if you don't attend all/part of the course for any reason. Classes are bought for a given person and must be used by the end of the group class season. Unused weeks/ days/ hours can't be spent in the following year or transferred to someone else.

Private airport pick-up: Trapani airport 30€ each way; Palermo airport 100€ each way. Single rate for one person up to three people.

Scuola Virgilio Trapani, Via Osorio 24, 91100 Trapani, Sizilien, Italien

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